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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall + Leaves + Boys = Tons o' Fun! Albuquerque Child Photographer

I was so excited to do another shoot with these cute brothers this past weekend. I got to do a session with them last Summer and they are so fun! They had a great time with all of the fallen leaves!  Here's a sneak peek of their session.

E Boys 9 rs

E Boys 3 rs

E Boys 4 warm bw rs

E Boys 8 rs

E Boys 6 rs

E Boys 2 rs

E Boys 1 rs

E Boys 7 rs

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stylish Family of Seven! Albuquerque Family Photographer

Here's a sneak peek for a really awesome family I got to work with last week. Thanks "M" guys are terrific! I absolutely LOVED their clothing they wore for the session!

M Fam 13 rs

M Fam 8 rs

M Fam 18 rs

M Fam 17 rs

M Fam 10 rs

M Fam 14 rs

M Family 9 rs

M Fam 12 rs

M Fam 2 rs

M Fam 11 rs

Terrific Trio...soon to be a quartet! Albuquerque Family Photographer

Here is a sweet little family I got to work with last week with the cutest little girl! She will make a wonderful big sister when the new baby gets here :0)

C Family 20 rs

C Family 5 rs

C Family 2 rs

C Family 18 rs

C Family 14 rs

C Family 12 rs

C Family 13 rs

C Family 4 rs

C Family 11 rs

C Family 21 rs

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Product...the Wallet Accordion Mini Album

I just wanted to share some pics of a newer product I'm offering now. I just got this in from a recent order and I LOVE it! It is a Wallet Size, Mini Accordion Album. I have been including a proof of one in my latest client session galleries. It's a fun way to see many of your images from your session galley.

It makes a wonderful gift for family and friends, and Christmas is just around the corner! There is a variety of cover color choices, including fabric (as shown), leather, and I can also do a customized cover with your photos front and back.

Wallet Mini Accordion Album rs

Wallet Mini Album 3 rs

Wallet Mini Album 2 rs

Wallet Mini Album rs

Love Those Fall Colors! ..... Albuquerque Family Portrait Photographer

T Fam 6 rs

T Fam 13 warm bw rs

T Fam 11 rs

T Fam 7 warm bwrs

T Fam 1 rs

T Fam 3 rs

T Fam 8 rs

T Fam 4 rs

T Fam 2 rs

T Fam 10 rs

T Fam 14 rs

It's Definitely Fall! Albuquerque Family Photographer

B Fam 8 rs

B Fam 6 rs

B Fam 3 rs

Blair Fam 12 rs

B Fam 24 rs
B Fam 14 rs

B Fam 2 rs

B Fam 10 rs

B Fam 17 rs

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