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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What to Wear? Family Portrait Wardrobe Ideas for Fall

what to wear_V2Issue10_2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Taste of Fall..... Rio Rancho Family Portrait Photographer

Here is a cute little family I got to photograph last week... can't wait to post more!

N Fam 4 rs

N Fam 17 rs

N Fam 2 rs

N Fam 6 web

N Fam 8 rs

N Fam 9 rs

N Fam 7 rs

N Fam 22 2in Gallery Wrap rs

N Fam 23 rs

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The colors of fall.... Albuquerque Family Portrait Photographer

I love fall colors! I got to work with a really fun family recently. Here are a few from the session.

M Fam 6 web

M Fam 2 web

M Fam 13 rs

M Fam 2in Gallery Wrap web
It's fun to show what a 2" gallery wrapped canvas would look like.

M Fam 12 rs

M Fam 4 web

M Fam 1 web
Thanks "M" family... you were awesome!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Portrait Session Availability

My Fall Saturday sessions are now full.  I do have a waiting list, in case I have cancellations.  I also have some week day morning sessions open.  Just contact me for availability.

C Family 5 rs

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sneak Peek! Twins and a new baby sister ~~ Rio Rancho, NM Baby and Child Portrait Photographer

I was so excited to work with these boys again. I am a little partial to twins since I have some of my own! They are big brothers now, with a really sweet little baby sister!

D J 3 web

D J 4 rs

D J 25 rs

D J Fam 2 web

D J Fam 1 rs

Pin It

D J 22 rs
Can't wait to post more from this session! Stay tuned!

Family of Four~ {Rio Rancho, NM Family Portrait Photographer}

This was such a fun family to work with!  I love the greenery at the botanic gardens... there are always beautiful backdrops!  Thanks B Family :0)

B Fam 22 web

B Fam 37 web

B Fam 28 web

B Fam 2 web

B Fam 26 web

B Fam 21 web

B Fam 25 web

Brand New.... Rio Rancho Newborn Photographer

Here is a cute little newborn. His mom is a really good friend of mine. She also loves doing photography and brought along this awesome baker's scale that's been in her family for generations. It was really neat to use it in the pictures.

C Baby 4 web

C Baby 3 web

C Baby 1 web

C Baby 5 web

C Baby 2 web

And Baby Makes Three!... {Rio Rancho Newborn Photographer}

Here is a sweet little newborn with her proud parents.  I just love the tenderness they show to their brand new baby!

C Baby 1 bw web

C Baby 20 web

C Baby 7 web

C Baby 14 web

C Baby 15 bw web

C Baby 8 bw web

C Baby 10 web

C Baby 11 web

Expectations....{Rio Rancho Maternity Photographer}

Finally trying to catch up my blog... yikes!  It's been a while!  
Here is a sweet little family I got to photograph some months back.  Dad is in the military and made it back just in time for the birth of their second son.  So glad we got pictures in time, lol!  

A Maternity 2 rs

A Maternity 19 web

A Maternity 33 bw web

A Maternity 9 web

A Maternity 26 bw web

A Maternity 17 web

A Maternity 14 web

A Maternity 7 bw web

A Maternity 11 web

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