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Monday, February 4, 2013

Summer Sunflowers .... Albuquerque Family Portrait Photographer

I love the sunflower sessions! Such a sweet family!

P Fam 1 web P Fam 9 web P Fam 37 web P Fam 38 web P Fam 53 web P blog template web P Fam 34 web P Fam 52 web

The C Family... Albuquerque Family Portrait Photographer

I love 1 yr olds... you never know what you'll get... This little guy cracked me up! I love big sister's look on her face.. priceless! Super fun family!

C Fam 2 webC Fam 4 web C Fam 1 web C Fam 16 web
C Fam 43 web C blog 4 C Fam 47 web c Fam 23 web
C Fam 42 web

Newborn Boy Photo Session ... Rio Rancho Newborn Photographer

Finally catching up my blog! This sweet little boy was an angel during his session!  Big brother was a cutie pie too...

V Baby 4 web

V Baby 2 web V Baby 5 web V Baby 1 web V Baby 3 web V Baby 7 web V Baby 8 web V baby blog template rs

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summertime Fashion {What to Wear}

what to wear summer 3_V3Issue4_2012 what to wear summer 2_V3Issue6_2012 what to wear Summer 1_V3Issue5_2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Family Portraits....Albuquerque Family Portrait Photographer

Here's a sneak peek of a fun family I've had the pleasure to work with before. Their kids have sure grown since the last time I took their pictures! They were so much fun to work with! We did some of the pics at the ABQ Temple. It is so lovely in the evening with the mountains as a backdrop. P Fam 30 rs
P Fam 32 rs P Fam 3 rs P blog 1 P blog 6 P blog 4 P Fam 33 rs P Fam 31 rs

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....Rio Rancho Newborn Photographer

I got to work with this sweet little newborn girl today!
  G blog t 3 G Baby 1 rs G blog t 2 G Baby 9 rs G Baby 7 rs

Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Magazine for Women Photo Shoot

  First Mag cover

 I was super excited to be contacted by First Magazine earlier this year!

I was hired to do a photo shoot for Areta Swire, a woman they were doing an article on that lives here in Albuquerque. Areta was so much fun to work and the camera loved her!  Despite the wind, and cold weather, we got some great shots. It was fun to see what they chose for the article image, and really neat to see my name on the credit line :0) Here are some of the pics from the session, and what the layout looked like when it was finished.  The photo editor at First was really great to work with.  

  Areta S 22 rsAreta blog 1 rs Areta Blog 3 rs Areta blog 5 rs Areta Blog 2 rs Areta Sw 15 rs Areta S 13 rs
First Magazine Photo Session 1 rs First Magazine Photo Session 1 close
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