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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some of My Favorite Newborns of 2009

There were some really adorable babies born this year and I had the privilege of taking their pictures. I love color and I love to use my creativity when I set up a session. I love to use fun hats, headbands, and blankets. I'm getting quite a collection! Newborns are fun to pose and are best photographed within the first 2 weeks of life. Babies are so precious and are such a blessing! Here are some of my favorite shots.
Check out my Australian friend's ebay site for some really cute baby hats! She is so creative! Most of the baby hats I used I purchased from her.


Amber said...

Wonderful Holly! I love your garden box and all your fruit/veggie hats -- they are precious. Such beautiful babes too!

butterfly connection said...

Cute the hats do look good once they are on a Baby that is for sure.

hcrjfrandall said...

They are cute before they are on baby are so talented and I love your work!

Madi... said...

These pics are way cute!!! i'm baby bellas cousin

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